Equal Rights Amendment to appear on 2022 Nevada Ballot

Published: Mar. 25, 2021 at 6:26 PM PDT
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RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Debate on the floor session in the Nevada Senate was heated on Tuesday Marc 23, 2021. The session lasted 90 minutes with discussion surrounding SJR 8. A resolution to place an Equal Rights Amendment into the Nevada Constitution.

“Just had a beauty pageant where all the women contestants were defeated by a biological male,” said Senator Ira Hansen, a Republican representing District 14. “Right here in Nevada. And that is a stepping stone from becoming Miss Nevada, Are we really going to deny those women the opportunity for those scholarships?” Hansen said.

“The idea that any biological male would pretend to be transgender just to take away a scholarship from a biological female is absurd,” said Senator Dallas Harris, a Democrat representing District 11. The Senate Joint Resolution had already passed the 80th session of the legislature.

In 2021 in the senate 18 yea and 3 nays.

SJR 8 made its way to the Nevada Assembly where yesterday Wednesday, March 24, it passed by a 30-to-12 vote with four Republicans voting for it.

For those in favor of the resolution, it was time to celebrate.

Much like back in 2017 when Nevada became the 36th state to pass the national “Equal Rights Amendment.” The ERA eventually received enough state ratifications in 2020 to become part of the U.S. Constitution. But it has languished.

Nevada Senator Pat Spearman says she does not want the same thing to happen in the silver state.

“Putting it into the constitution affirms not just Nevada; but affirms to the world. This is what we believe in. We believe in equality,” said Spearman, a Democrat representing District 1.

After the vote in the Assembly the “Nevada Right to Life” sent out email saying SJR 8 will mean mandated taxpayer abortion, will harm women’s athletics and will injure faith-based schools.

With SJR 8′s passage, Senator Spearman says voters can expect the same claims when election time comes around next year.

Because SJR 8 passed through the legislature twice it only needs passage by the voter once to become part of the Nevada Constitution.

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