Roethlisberger Accused of Sex Assault in Lawsuit

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Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is preparing to fight a sexual assault lawsuit.

The suit was brought by a woman who was working as Executive Casino Host at Harrah's Tahoe in July of 2008. Among her duties, serving as a concierge for the casino's important guests. During the American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament that year, those guests included Roethliberger.

According to her lawsuit, one night during his stay, Roethlisberger called to say the sound system on his television wasn't working and insisted she look at it. Once in his suite, she says, he blocked her from leaving. Despite her protests, she says, he began fondling her through her dress. She says she was pushed onto the bed. He pulled off her underpants and assaulted her.

Afterward, she says, he nervously told her, "If anyone asks, you fixed my television. Now go."

She says she reported the incident to Harrah's chief of security Guy Hyder... who, she says, dismissed her complaint as overreacting and said most girls would feel lucky to have sex with someone like Roethlisberger. Noting the quarterback's friendship with Harrah's northern Nevada president John Koster... she says Hyder added, "Koster would love you even more if he knew about this."

The suit alleges Hyder may have told Koster about the incident, but she says she was told by another Harrah's exec that he would fire her for starting rumors about Roethlisberger's personal life.