House Monsters: The friendly monsters who are behind all the mischief happening in your home!

Published: Oct. 14, 2021 at 5:45 AM PDT

New plush line from Luki Lab teaches kids that life is not as scary as it seems!

IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ - When there is something strange happening in your home, who is to blame? The House Monsters of course! In every house across America, the same haunting questions are left unanswered: who ate the last piece of chocolate cake? What was that noise in the attic? Why do my socks always disappear in the dryer? Why can't I ever find anything that fell under my bed? We can confidently say, with the launch of House Monsters - these friendly, cuddly monsters are to blame!

House Monsters by Luki Lab (CNW Group/ChizComm Ltd.)
House Monsters by Luki Lab (CNW Group/ChizComm Ltd.)

House Monsters are the soft plush characters from Luki Lab - the retail toy division of Strottman International, that help kids overcome their fear of things that go bump in the night by showing that the "monsters" hiding in the shadows aren't as scary as they seem.

There are six cuddly House Monsters to collect and each:

  • Is made from soft plush with a unique texture specific to each character
  • Comes with its own habitat depicting where it lives in your house - designed for both play and display
  • Comes with its own identification collector card featuring the character's picture and unique bio
  • This season comes with a First Edition label to permanently identify this as the first-ever House Monsters available for sale.

Meet the Monsters:

Munchy is the fridge monster who has a monstrous appetite! He is always responsible for everything mysteriously disappearing from your kitchen shelves. He is also known to give the best hugs!

Dizzy is the dryer monster. He spends most of his time tumbling around (causing him to get dizzy) or eating lint balls (his favorite food). He also loves to steal socks; so if yours are missing, you can probably blame Dizzy.

Drowsy is the monster you find under your bed and who is always ready for a nap. She is a collector of all things that fall off your bed - so if something from your bed goes missing, you know who took it!

Sudsy is the dishwasher monster who loves to play with bubbles and clean all the dishes she can find. She's always cleaning up the monster messes her friends make.

Bumpy is the attic monster. He tries to be on his best behavior and not make noise, however this monster can't help but bump into everything in his path - especially at night.

Fluffy is the closet monster. She is a chatty fashionista who knows everything about clothes and shoes. But the mess she leaves in the closet after she's found the perfect outfit - is probably going to be yours to clean up.

"House Monsters are loosely based on my dogs. Whenever I come back home, I never find things exactly the way they were when I left them. Pillows have been moved, backpacks have been ransacked, food is often missing. I blamed my poor dogs but they finally convinced me that, in reality, it was a mysterious House Monster all along," says Didier Pietri, President and CEO, Strottman International. "To see the idea come to life in the form of these cute and cuddly monsters and knowing they're spreading a message of confidence by teaching kids that life is fun and not as scary as it seems, is very exciting. We can't wait to see what adventures the House Monsters and their human friends will get into!"

A YouTube animation series that follows the lives of these mischievous monsters living in the Johnson family home, is set to launch mid-October. The first book of a series, "The Birthday Party", is also available on Amazon for $15.95. The House Monsters are for children ages 3+ and are available online now on and the House Monster's website ( for $16.99. They will also be coming soon to

To learn more about House Monsters please visit the House Monsters website,, or follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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