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Scam Alert

Local scam targets people's empathy

Reno Police warn of phone scam

Army warns of fake draft text messages

Protecting yourself: spotting fake charities

Nevada Supreme Court warns of warrant fee scam

Scammer targeting Carson City businesses asking for sponsorships

A robocall gives a mother the fear of her life

It's not always 'Buyer Beware!' Sellers need to be careful too

State warns of scammers targeting Medicaid recipients

US Marshals warn public of phone scam

Carson courts alert public of scam

AG urges Nevadans to beware of door-to-door DNA swab scam

Young girls coerced to provide photos, Sparks Police warn

NHP warns of impersonation phone scam

Computer scams a growing threat

Email scam targets small business owners in Nevada

Washoe County warns of scam letters targeting residents

Sheriff: Phone scam uses authentic-seeming voice directory

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