Wild Weather Hits Truckee Meadows

RENO, Nev--Northern Nevadans were still drying out Tuesday evening, after wild weather inundated the Truckee Meadows for several hours.

Rain hammered parts of California and Northern Nevada Tuesday. So much water fell in such a short amount of time, the mountains above I-80 near Floriston couldn't handle it. The hillside gave way, covering westbound lanes with three to eight inches of mud and debris.

"The silt and the mud was coming across the road and it was actually coming on to the east side of the road," said KOLO 8 viewer Jenny Elston, who was one of the first to see the massive slide which was estimated to be the length of a football field.

"It felt like we were four wheeling you know, somewhere in Northern Nevada for a section of it," said Elston.

Traffic backed up at the stateline for hours. Westbound drivers were turned around before making it to California, and eastbound drivers couldn't make it past Hershdale.

Around town, the problem was too much water that had nowhere to go.

Cars drove through flooded streets as water followed the path of least resistance, often on road ways.

NHP says the wet roads had them responding to several accidents, like one on the Pyramid Highway. A driver Hydroplaned going around a corner and ended up in a ditch.