Wild Horse Adoptions Continue

CARSON CITY, NV - Saturday is one of four chances a year to own a mustang from the Nevada Range at the Stewart Conservation Camp in Carson City. The trainers are inmates who in the beginning have no experience with horses whatsoever.

Inmate Roland Moore has fun goofing around with his mustang Rebel.

Standing on Rebel's back with a flag, crawling underneath the horse—it can't be done around just any horse.

But consider, too, Rebel has only been in training about four months. And his trainer is Roland, who until 3 months age had never been around horses.

“I didn't know anything about horses. I just thought you saddled them up and rode off into the sunset, you know, like in the westerns. It's taught me to be a better person,” says inmate Kenneth Parker as he watches Moore.

Parker is the most experienced trainer in this group of inexperienced riders and trainers.

Handsome Jack is his 12th horse; each one of the animals he's trained, he says, has given him a sense of confidence and accomplishment.

Another horse is named Southern Comfort; trainer Sean Hammon has been in the program for 6 months and he too had never been around horses before this.

He canters the horse with no hands around the arena with no effort at all.

A total of 14 mustangs are up for adoption this weekend. Inmates have been working on their opening routine for a month hoping to show their horses versatility and training.

Outside in the big arena the inmates show other skills their horses have learned. Swinging ropes and snapping whips--most of the animals are okay with it.

Bidding began at 10AM Saturday.