Unexplained Activity at Center Street Building

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RENO, NV - There's something strange in the neighborhood...

"Something was telling me 'do not go farther up these stairs.' This is my space," said John Murphy, general manager of Reno News and Review.

That space is inside a three-story house-turned-office building on Center Street in Reno. You may have seen the brick exterior near Interstate 80. As for the interior, staff at Reno News and Review says there have been unexplained occurrences.

"I went up about three stairs, and I was overcome by this flood of fear and this sense that I shouldn't go any farther up the stairs. And I was terrified. I wasn't even thinking about anything other than getting a box," said Murphy.

Brian Burghart, an editor at Reno News and Review, says he has also experienced something strange.

"I heard somebody going up and down the stairs. I mean, it was clear as day, it wasn't like somebody was gingerly walking up and down the stairs. It was somebody running up and down the stairs. It didn't strike me as supernatural until I finished what I was doing and I went out to see who was there....and I was the only one here," said Burghart.

Whatever went on inside that house was not always passive. Objects would move around.

"The most that we would have -- coming in the morning, and coffee cups had been moved upside down, spilled, things like that. Minor occurences, but I'm sitting in my office one day, typing at my computer and my office drawer -- very heavy drawer -- comes out and slams at the end of the rails. Well, it's a used desk so I figure it must just be the drawer. So I push it back in and kwang! It comes out again," said Bill Brown, a former office tenant of 708 Center Street.

Reno Psychic Institute consultants went in to investigate and say they found several different energies.

"On the third floor, we got a sense of kind of a banker type, even saw that he had a suit on, looked professional, and that was his space up there," said Sue Rosewood of the Reno Psychic Institute. "He had been swindled in some way, and he was trying to figure out why."

Another consultant with the Reno Psychic Institute said the spirit of a very religious lady rules over the house.

"This corner is inhabited by the older religious lady that we saw earlier and she really likes this corner. She controls the energy of the building from this space," said Jenine Beecher, a spiritual consultant, referring to a corner of the building where Murphy had his strange experience.

According to the Reno News and Review staff, the house was an apartment building in the 1930s. Records show a life insurance agent had once lived there; Rosewood speculated that could be the banker she saw.

In any case, whatever or whomever it is floating around there, it'll stay a secret behind the red bricks of 708 Center Street.