UNR Students Developing New Drone Technology

drones courtesy KOLO's Terri Russell
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RENO, NV - March 9, a group of University of Nevada students' lives changed forever as they won $50,000 in seed money from the Sontag Foundation to develop a new piece of drone technology.

Their startup company is called Nevada Dynamics and the goal is to make drone flights safer.

“If you look at a bird taking down an Airbus A320, then you can imagine what one of these large pieces of aluminum and carbon fiber can do to a commercial aircraft,” said Mac Higgins, Nevada Dynamics.

By 2020 the FAA will require all aircraft to talk to each other using satellite technology called ADS-B. Nevada Dynamics is working to utilize that technology with a small black box that will sit atop the drone.

Nevada Dynamics hopes to have a working model for hobbyists by June 2015, but it is in the commercial market that they see greatest potential.

“What we are going to do for commercial businesses is for them to put in an address or location using our system,” Higgins said. “Artificial algorithms, we created, to find the most optimal path without hitting any obstacle.”

Nevada Dynamics is acquiring office space in downtown Reno and will be looking to hire engineers soon.

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