Teen Murdered in Sparks

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SPARKS - The family of a Sparks teen says he was murdered the day before he was to start high school, and they suspect gang involvement.

Kim Cottle said her nephew, 16-year-old Abel Mesa, died after being shot several times outside his apartment building off El Rancho.

"He was shot in the street like a dog," she said.

Cottle said Mesa had moved in with his mother, was going to school and turning his life in a positive direction. She said he had experimented with gangs, but then stepped away from gangs. She said she suspects his past may have had a role in the shooting.

"It seemed to haunt him people would antagonize him," she said.

Cottle showed blood drops on a sidewalk where she said Mesa was a smoking a cigarette, when he was confronted and shot. She said he made it to his apartment where a neighbor tried to help. She said Mesa was taken to a hospital, but died several hours later.

"There is no forgiveness for you," Cottle said of the shooter.

The Sparks Police Department is investigating and is asking anyone with information to contact detectives.