Taxis Cleaning Up Their Ads

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RENO, NV -They rolled into the airport with purpose Tuesday, a set of taxi-cabs that are same on the inside, but changed on top.

"Our goal is to ultimately change them all out, we don't own the taxis so it will depend on the other taxi companies," said Mike Kazmierski, CEO of the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada.

Sixty-six cabs owned by Whittlesea Taxi are straying away from the Reno norm of advertising a late-night tryst.

"We had feedback from our prospects, from people in the community that said the messaging they were saying on our taxi tops was offensive to them," said Kazmierski.

Advertisements for the Mustang Ranch and gentlemen's clubs are being replaced by ads for a limo service, a museum, and a church.

"It's very family friendly, we are able to just get the message out there for local business," said Jason Lewis with Whittlesea Taxi.

"It gives such a positive image to our visitors coming to town, and its really going to help change the image of Reno a little bit," said Reno Mayor Bob Cashell.

The change is just a start. The majority of cabs in town still have the old advertising. Officials leading the campaign suggest residents can convince other companies to make the change.

"If people say, I am not going to ride in that taxi because the message is offensive, that message will get back to the companies," said Kazmierski.

The goal of the whole campaign; if there's a more family friendly image, the town will have the same feel.

"This is really an effort to welcome our business travelers coming in to our community, and our families coming in to our community," said Marily Mora, CEO of the Reno Tahoe Airport.