Students Want To Bring Recycling To Reno Apartments

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It's long since become a routine for Reno homeowners. Every two weeks we gather up the recyclables--glass in one crate, plastic and paper in another and leave them by the curb. We tell ourselves we're helping the planet and, in our own small way, we are.

Each pickup sends products back into circulation rather than to the landfull. When a whole community does this, it has an impact. There in lies the problem, a big segment of our population literally can't take part. When curbside recycling was adopted two decades ago, there was no mandate for multiple family dwellings.

These young people are determined to change that.

They're members of the Green Club at the Davidson Academy charter school.

Looking for projects to take on they began comparing notes. No one it seemed was able to recycle.

Candula: And so we decided that we should explore more about apartment recycling in Reno. So, we started calling apartments and asking if they offered recycling.

As it turns out most apartments don't offer recycling because no one has made them.

Candula: About 6 apartments in all of Reno are actually serviced to recycle. I mean 40 percent of Reno residents live in apartments or condominiums, so that's a lot of people who don't have access to any kind of recycling at all.

The Green Club had more than a project. They now have a cause which they plan to take to the city council along with a petition they are now circulating.

Candula: I think a lot of people do know that it's an issue, but no one's pushing it. We want to be that push for people and that's what we're trying to do."