Snow Brings Hope To Truckee

TRUCKEE, CA - It's a busy day at the Coffeebar in Truckee. There's a little snow outside, and inside a nice hot cup of coffee awaits.

Owner Greg Buchheister has been open for five years here, so he's experienced the boom and bust of the snow season.

“You want to believe that it’s going to be here. You want to believe we are going to have a great season. But you just don't know,” says Buchheister.

Buchheister says the summers here have always been good, but a great winter brings the winter tourists. A snow storm before Thanksgiving is a good sign. With hope he says more snow will follow and the skiers, vacationers, and snow sledders will be up here in no time.

That's what Dana Burley hopes as well. His business Totally Board has been in Truckee since 1994, so he knows just how the winter weather can play havoc on the bottom line. The snow, he says, has him feeling encouraged.

“Yeah, there has been a lot of pent up demand, I think, for snow, and everyone is excited for the season,” says Burley.

The sweatshirt in a window display at a clothing store on the main street says “Pray for Snow.”

Truckee residents hope the snow storm is just the beginning to answering their prayers. Cold temperatures for Truckee Tuesday night, November 3, are predicted to be in the teens. That assures the snow will stick around for a while.

The long-term forecast for Truckee has snow predicted Monday November 9.