Silver Springs Pastor Charged with Sexually Assaulting 4-Year-Old Girl

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SILVER SPRINGS, NV - Lyon County Sheriff Deputies say the investigation is ongoing, but Pastor Raymond "Bud" Mosley is in custody in Yerington after being charged with sexually assaulting a 4-year-old girl.

Mosley was an Associate Pastor at the Silver Springs Christian Center, until deputies arrested him for allegedly sexually assaulting the girl, who's a relative.

"There's a family destroyed, possibly a church. And you know, it's a tough thing we're all going through," said Mosley's stepson, Terry Heiser, who's serving as the family's spokesperson.

Mosley's wife, Kay, is the Senior Pastor at the Christian Center. She said she had no idea what had been going on, but when she found out, she's the one who alerted authorities.

"She took action, and went to the authorities. I'm sure it was just a tough, a tough thing for her to do. I can't imagine, you know, having to turn in my own wife," said Heiser.

The congregation, and his family, are in shock over the allegations.

"You ever heard something that you just pray is not true, and you just hope that it's not true. But if it is, then it's heartbreaking," said Heiser.

Investigators say they don't believe there are any other victims, and representatives from the church are quick to point out that it was a family matter, and not something that involved any members of the general congregation.

"This didn't happen to a church member, you know, it was a family member who was involved in the church here," said Heiser.

Family members at the Christian Center say, since none of the charges stem from anything that happened at the center, they hope it's image isn't tarnished in the community.

Mosley will stand trial on May 25th at the Walker River Justice Court. He faces charges of forcible sexual assault with a child under 14, and lewdness with a child under 14. His bail has been set at $250,000.