Sheriff's Office: Teen Died, Had Blood Alcohol Level Around .40

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LYON COUNTY, NV - A 14-year-old died at a hospital after being found so drunk, his blood alcohol level was .40. To give you some perspective of just how drunk that is, it's five times the legal limit for driving. But the kid wasn't behind the wheel. He was camping with his family.

Beach 5 at Lake Lahontan is peaceful and nearly empty on Wednesday. There's just a handful of campers out enjoying the serene scenery. It's very different from the Fourth of July weekend when the area was packed.

It was on Sunday when tragedy struck. A teenage boy was found not breathing.

The Lyon County Sheriff's Office says the 14-year-old was so drunk he had a heart attack. By the time medics arrived, his blood alcohol level had reached .40. Authorities took the teenager to Renown, where he died on Tuesday.

Campers out at the Lake on Wednesday are shocked to find out how much the boy must have drank. But more upset the teen's family didn't notice until it was too late.

"To let someone get like that, whether you're with a party of kids or with your parents or adults, it's stupid. It's ridiculous!" says Luke Crank, a camper at Lake Lahontan.

"I feel the parents should be held responsible. I mean, you have a 14-year-old drinking. Where's the parents?" says Corrine Harris, a mother who was camping with her family at Lake Lahontan.

The Lyon County Sheriff's Office is still trying to figure out how the teenager got the alcohol. A field captain says once investigators find out who gave it to him, charges could be filed.

"It's a very sad story and I think it really stinks because that kid will never do what he was going to do in life. Never succeed at anything. It's over," says Norma Jean Carl, a camper. "I feel bad for the parents, too. This is something they'll have to live with for the rest of their lives."

The teenager's name has not yet been released.