Scrabble Champion Crowned in Reno

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RENO, Nev.-- A new scrabble champion for North America was crowned in Reno Wednesday afternoon. The best players from around the world have been facing off at the downtown reno ballroom for the last five days.

"It is actually a really close knit community and so you will find that players know all of the top competitors across the country and the world," said Nikk Kennamer with Hasbro, Scrabble’s maker.

The main event is the championship round. American Jesse Day played Canadian Matthew Tunnicliffe for the title. Every move they make is studied by commentators and broadcast live online. All the while adoring fans rooting on their favorite player.

"We actually get people who are asking one of the players on live chat. You know, will you marry me?," said Kennamer.

Canadian Matt Tunnicliffe eventually won the championship and a $10,000 prize.