Reno Rodeo Impacts Local Economy

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Another Reno Rodeo is in the books and businesses are pretty happy with the money the event roped in for them.

The RSCVA estimates the Reno Rodeo brings in about $42 million into the local economy. A lot of out-of-towners stay in our hotels and visit the casinos. And this year, the Reno Rodeo attracted a record number of people. Officials say about 150,000 people made it onto the Rodeo grounds during the 10-day event. While there were plenty of food and drinks at the Rodeo, people still needed a place to hang their hats after the rodeo ended each night. All-night restaurants and bars were happy to welcome those folks in.

"A lot of them after the show came in. We had really big nights," says Howard Wotring, manager of the Gold 'N Silver Inn. "Because they get out of the rodeo pretty late, after 11 o'clock and if they don't want to go into a casino or just fast food, they can come in here, sit down, have breakfast, lunch or dinner the entire time."

Rodeo officials say this year's event attracted the largest crowd ever. They attribute that to an increase in social networking and people were just ready to get out and start enjoying the summer.