Reno Celebrates Social Media Day with a Scavenger Hunt

RENO, Nev. Reno celebrated Social Media Day Saturday afternoon with a Scavenger Hunt through downtown.

Social Media Day is celebrated nationally and it's purpose is to recognize the digital revolution taking place all over the world.

Here in Reno, social media experts partnered with Noble Studios, a local business that focuses on all things social media. Their plan was to use social media to highlight some of the area's best and most unique places.

To do so, they organized a scavenger hunt. But instead of using a traditional camera, participants took pictures with their smart phones and uploaded them using the free app, Instagram.

Michael Tragash, one of the event's organizers said the turn out was more than they expected.

"We had over thiry-five teams, and they averaged about four people per team," he said. "We more than tripled our attendance from last year."

Participants met at Se7en Teahouse, where they received the list of twenty items. They had two hours to complete the list and return to the starting line.

Stops included a Twister board at Blunder Bar, the Circus Circus elephants, a ballet pose in front of the Pioneer Center, and a pig's head at Campo.

The grand prize was four Samsung Galaxy Tablets. However, judges ran into a problem. There wasn't one team that won, but rather there were six.

Keeping true to Nevada's roots, the winners were chosen by luck. Organizers drew the winning names out of a hat.

The event was such a success that Tragash says he believes they will host this scavenger hunt again next year.

"Other scavenger hunts in Reno look out because we're on the board now," he said.

Follow the link below to check out some photos from the scavenger hunt.