Reno Honors Its Veterans With A Traditional Parade

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RENO, NV - Thousands lined Virginia Street through downtown Reno Tuesday for the annual Veterans' Day Parade. Thousands more, it seemed, were marching by.

There are many ways to honor our vets, but none quite like a parade.

Actually Reno didn't always do this, but it's become a tradition. A good one. A real hometown parade where it seems like half the community is on the sidewalk watching, the other half marching.

Marching bands. Veterans of every era. Members of the Reno-Sparks Indian Colony carrying pictures of tribal members who served. High school ROTC units, teenagers, many of whom will be tomorrow's veterans. The younger set, some proud to take part as boy and girl scouts, some just as proud to watch from the sidewalk.

And why not?

We've long since moved past the time when there seemed to be barriers between our servicemen and women and the civilians they serve.

Today even those of us who wore the uniform decades ago are greeted with a 'thank you for your service' when the subject comes up.

The pride and appreciation is there 365 days a year, but on this particular day we wear those feelings on our sleeves .

And as we watch this parade, recognizing neighbors, friends, the kid down the street, we hold our chins a little higher, put a spring in our step and are united in an expression of that pride and appreciation.

Whether marching or watching, it's hard not to feel it.

Thank you for your service.