Reno Fraternity House Closed After Alcohol Violations

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RENO, NV - Another Greek house at the University of Nevada, Reno is in trouble, but this time is being fully kicked of campus.

The local chapter of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity has been suspended by the fraternity's national Board of Directors.

A UNR spokeswoman says the house has been on probation for some time because of alcohol-related offenses, and when the members didn't start behaving, the board decided to suspend them for at least three years.

That means not only will activities end, but the fraternity is effectively over, with fraternity members living in the house being asked to move. The university will help any members who want to move into campus housing, and the members may try to join other fraternities.

UNR's Pi Beta Phi sorority house is also suspended, but only until mid-February for now, during an investigation into reports of hazing. The students who live in the house are being allowed to stay there.