Reno Brew Bike Rides Into Town

RENO, Nev. A new business is hitting the streets of Reno, and it's turning a few heads. It's called the Reno Brew Bike and the concept is simple.

"You rent us out for 2 hours," Duke Bristow, owner of Reno Brew Bike said. "We pedal to a pub. You're there for half an hour have some beers, hop back on the bike and go to the next one."

Brew bikes have already taken off in other areas like Oregon and Sacramento. Bristow partnered with the owners of the Sac Brew Bike to bring the concept to Reno. They say expanding to the Biggest Little City made sense.

"It's a great drinking town, and I think Reno's ready for something like this," Chris Ferren-Cirino, owner of the Sac Brew Bike said. "It's something fun, something exciting."

The bike is a different take on a bar crawl. Reno Brew Bike has partnered up with local craft bars and breweries, like Old Bridge Pub and The Depot, to help introduce people to the growing craft beer movement.

"It's great just getting everyone down here in this area, and in their minds that this is a destination spot where you can come," Justin Stafford, general manager for The Depot Craft Brewery Distillery said.

Up to 15 people can ride the bike at a time, and everyone pedals together while the driver steers and breaks. It sounds like work pedaling from bar to bar, but once you're on the bike the fun never stops.

Kendaal Strailey has taken a few rides on the bike. He says the atmosphere makes you forget about the pedaling.

"It's awesome," he said. "I get to go with a group of friends. We all get rowdy when we're on the bike. It's pretty fun."

Because of county laws, alcohol is not allowed on the bike, but Bristow has worked out deals with participating breweries and pubs to offer discounts to riders.

"What we do is get you from bar to bar," Bristow said. "You have fun at the bars, and then I will drive you sober to the next one."

But not only is it fun, the Reno Brew Bike gives people an advantage to see how these breweries are helping reshape areas like the 4th Street corridor.

"I've never ridden my bike around these areas before," Strailey said. "And it's fun to be going from brewery or pub to pub and it's just a different way of interacting with the town."

To sign up for a tour, click on the link attached to this story.