Police Warn Public To Be Prepared During Active Shooter Situations

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RENO, NV - Police say in active shooter situations many of the casualties happen within minutes of the first shots being fired.

The Reno Police Department is asking the public to take advantage of opportunities to take down an attacker.

“(Shooters) are going to have to stop and reload. That is a perfect opportunity for someone to take advantage of that small moment of time even if they have other weapons strung on their shoulder to use that time discretionary time to take the opportunity to immobilize the suspect," said Officer Tim Broadway, Reno Police Department.

Shootings such as those at Sparks Middle School and Renown's medical campus have also prompted a change in policy with multiple law enforcement agencies.

“To make sure we use one standard radio frequency and every agency has access to those so that we can all talk effectively," Broadway said.

Police say they have also learned from the recent Paris attacks how to deal with multiple shooters, and have identified an area of concern here in Reno.

“Specifically City Hall having all the city offices, the city manager, the council chambers, there it obviously raises a very big alarm for us,” Broadway said.

The department now has a plan in place in case such an attack ever occurs.

“Procedures in place that we have worked with them, obviously without going into too many details, on how to properly secure them, evacuate them, evacuation plans to makes sure to maintain a strong city government in the event we do have domestic terrorism or some type of natural disaster."