Presidential Candidates' Spouses Visit Reno

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RENO, NV -- Barack Obama and Mitt Romney's spouses are spending time rallying support in Reno less than a week apart.

People lined up outside the student center at UNR to get tickets to hear from the first lady. Michelle Obama will hold a rally at UNR on Wednesday morning.

"I just like a lot of what she stands for and women's rights," Alex Borcherts, a Democrat, said.

"I kind of want to start getting into it, see what's going on, and I think going to see the first lady is a good opportunity to see that," Marco Aguilar, a non-partisan voter, said.

Several people in line for tickets said they hoped the first lady would speak about the economy and the cost of an education.

Democrats and Republicans who spoke with KOLO, said candidates' spouses are influential.

"They do talk a lot to each other about what's going on and I do feel like it's not just a one-man show so I feel like the spouses have a lot of power," Sheyenne Taylor, a Democrat, said.

Last Thursday Ann Romney also held a rally in Reno -- the GOP said at least seven-hundred turned out at Bartley Ranch Park for the event.

"Women know their husbands better than anybody else," Republican Otilia Krapff said.

"Democrats have manufactured this war on women by the Republicans which is totally not true, and I think Ann being out there kind of dispels that," Washoe County GOP Chair Dave Buell said.

Ann Romney also spoke in Henderson Monday.

For tickets for the Michelle Obama event, go to Hot Topics for a link.