Olive Garden Feeds Emergency Responders

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RENO, NV - While many people take Labor Day off, for first responders like police, firefighters and paramedics, they're on the clock 24/7. Olive Garden showed its appreciation Monday night with free dinner for first responders.

Employees of the Olive Garden in Reno made a special delivery. Pounds of salad, lasagna and, of course, their famous bread sticks were served directly to the firefighters at the Moana station.

"They're always there for us so we want to be there for them on this Labor Day," said Tim Viming, manager of the Olive Garden branch in Reno.

These firefighters, on average, work 56 hours a week, but during the fire season, those hours can triple.

"Whether it's police, fire, military, paramedics, we're here 24/7, so for us it's just another day," said Battalion Chief John McNamara of the Reno Fire Department. "We're here Thanksgiving, Christmas, you name it, we're here."

However, even the hardest workers need to eat and nothing shows gratitude more than feeding an empty stomach.

"It's actually kind of hard for us to accept gratitude like this because we are humble people," said McNamara. "We do it because we want to do it and this is just a bonus."

For Olive Garden employees, it's moments like this that make working on a holiday worth it.

"We don't expect any payback from the public, but it's nice once in a while to be recognized for what we do."

Olive Garden delivers food multiple times throughout the year, mostly during holidays like Veterans Day or Memorial day, but also any random day.