36 Apply for New NV Court of Appeals

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CARSON CITY, NV - 36 people have applied for three open judicial positions on the new Nevada Court of Appeals, which became a reality in the 2014 general election (see attached story). The applicants will now be interviewed by the Nevada Commission on Judicial Selection, which will forward the names of 9 people, 3 for each department, to Governor Brian Sandoval for his consideration and selection.

Governor Sandoval has indicated a desire to select 3 judges for the Court of Appeals without delay to allow the court to begin considering cases as early as January 2015.

The following individuals applied for the designated judicial departments:

Court of Appeals - Department 1
• Janet L. Chubb, 71, Kaempfer Crowell
• Michael D. Davidson, 60, Attorney, Kolesar & Leatham
• Chris W. Davis, 54, Attorney, Chris Davis, Esq.
• Robert E. Gaston, 75, Attorney, Gaston Resolution
• David A. Hardy, 50, District Court Judge, Second Judicial District
• Robert A. Nersesian, 57, Attorney, Nersesian & Sankiewicz
• Janet C. Pancoast, 55, Attorney, Cisneros & Marias
• Kirby J. Smith, 57, Attorney, Lionel Sawyer & Collins
• Julien G. Sourwine, 75, Attorney, Sourwine & Sloane, Ltd.
• Jerome T. Tao, 46, District Court Judge, Eighth Judicial District

Court of Appeals - Department 2
• Thomas D. Beatty, III, 72, Attorney, Law Offices of Thomas D. Beatty
• Michael Patrick Gibbons, 58, District Court Judge, Ninth Judicial District
• William B. Gonzalez, 53, District Court Judge, Eighth Judicial District
• Susan Holland Johnson, 55, District Court Judge, Eighth Judicial District
• Thomas G. Kurtz, 63, Court Hearing Master, Eighth Judicial District
• Alan J. Lefebvre, 61, Attorney, Kolesar & Leatham
• Anat R. Levy, 52, Attorney, Anat Levy & Associates
• Kerry Z. Malone, 53, Attorney, Nevada Supreme Court
• Michelle L. Morgando, 55, Attorney, State of Nevada, Department of Administration, Hearings and Appeals Division
• Richard Wayne Sears, 68, Attorney, Sears Law Firm, Ltd.

Court of Appeals - Department 3
• Jeffrey R. Albregts, 57, Attorney, Cotton, Driggs, Walch, Holley Woloson & Thompson
• Karl W. Armstrong, 56, Attorney, Ray Lego & Associates
• James Shields Beasley, 70, Attorney, Law Offices of James Shields Beasley
• Barry Louis Breslow, 52, Attorney, Robison Belaustegui Sharp & Low
• Allan Ray Earl, 73, District Court Judge, Eighth Judicial District
• C. Stanley Hunterton, 66, Attorney, Hunterton & Associates
• Paul Dee Johnson, 57, Attorney, Clark County District Attorney’s Office
• Annie J. Kung, 43, Attorney, Kung & Brown
• Brian T. Kunzi, 56, District Attorney, Nye County
• Aaron D. Lovaas, 44, Attorney, Global Business Lawyers USA – Lovaas & Lehtinen
• Aurora Maria Maskall, 51, Attorney, Lee Hernandez Landrum & Garofalo
• Michael R. Montero, 48 , District Court Judge, Sixth Judicial District
• Joseph R. Plater, 55, Attorney, Washoe County District Attorney’s Office
• Douglas R. Rands, 55, Attorney, Rands South & Gardner
• Abbi Silver, 49, District Court Judge, Eighth Judicial District
• Joan Chisholm Wright, 62, Attorney, Allison Mackenzie Pavlakis Wright & Fagan

Applicants were permitted to apply for only one of the three seats on the Court of Appeals. Applicants also were permitted to withdraw from the application process prior to the application deadline. No applications were withdrawn. The public portion of each application will be posted to the Commission’s website within a few days.

Chief Justice Mark Gibbons will recuse himself from participating in interviews and selection of candidates in Department 2. Associate Chief Justice Kristina Pickering will lead the interview and selection process for the Department 2 candidates.

The Commission invites written public comments about the qualifications of the applicants. Comments should be submitted in writing by November 26, 2014 to:

Robin Sweet
Secretary, Commission on Judicial Selection
Nevada Supreme Court
201 S. Carson St. Ste 250
Carson City, Nevada, 89701