National Clean Your Desk Day: How to Keep Your Workspace Organized

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RENO, NV - Today is National "Clean Your Desk Day", so you can look at it as either an excuse or an opportunity to get yourself cleaned up and ready for the work week.

A study published in the Journal of Psychological Science found that the way you keep your desk says a lot about you. For example, messy-desk people were more likely to break free of tradition, produce new or fresh ideas, and be more creative. On the flip-side, people who kept their desks clean were more likely to follow the rules, make charitable donations, or maintain a healthy diet.

According to Dr. Scott Bea, a psychologist with the Cleveland Clinic, there is often a method to someone's madness and in the end, messy, or clean, it comes down to what makes you most productive at work.

So if you want to get organized today, here are some tips. First, put away the supplies. If you're not using that stapler constantly, put it in a desk drawer.

It's easy to let a pile of papers build up, so try opening mail near a garbage can, recycling bin or shredder and tossing it as soon as possible. Another option is taking your post-its digital. You can make to-do lists or take notes on your computer or phone.

Also, organize the cords. Between your computer, phone and other electronics, it's easy to let cords overrun your desk. So, have a few twist ties handy at all times to keep them in check.

Lastly, try to avoid eating at your desk, that way you're not constantly having crumbs and wrappers scattered everywhere.

If you find you're not cleaning your desk enough, try putting it on your calendar each week.