Murder Victim Michelle MItchell's Sister Reflects

RENO, NV - She's had a couple of months to digest the strange turn of events; newly-tested DNA at the crime scene is not that of self-professed killer Cathy Woods.

Sister to slain UNR co-ed 19-year-old Michelle Mitchell, Martha sat through Cathy Woods' two trials in Reno.

Martha thought her sister's murder was solved.

Now she is again left with even more questions, more murdered women, and more wounded families.

Martha Mitchell says she was four years old when her sister Michelle was born.

Michelle was her half sister but that was in name only.

“To me she was born when I was 4, so I never thought of her in that sense. But, she was beautiful, tall, long hair, really fun, and you know just a lovely person, at that time that was her goal to be a nurse. Tried to make a conscious decision to remember her as the person she was, not how her life ended that day,” says Martha.

Martha says she represented the family in both court cases against Cathy Woods, the self-professed killer of her sister Michelle.

“A family member, you'd want to know beyond a shadow of a doubt who did it. And I don't know if I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, but you know the jury made its decision, and so I went with it.,” says Martha.

38 years later, Martha was notified, DNA left at the scene did not match Woods', and as a matter of fact was connected to a series of murdered women in the Bay Area.

“It was shocking. It's a positive thing because they've had no resolution, And so you know maybe there is somebody out there on either end, either in the Bay Area, or here in Reno who maybe remembers something, or knows something they never disclosed, out of fear, or for whatever reason. And so if this new evidence can come to some sort of resolution for all of this, that's what we want,” says Martha.

Martha says she'll represent her family wherever the justice system takes her.

If that's a new suspect, she'll be in court.

If Cathy Woods gets a new trial, Martha says she's waiting to hear why Woods confessed in the first place.