Manzanita Canyon Restoration Nearing Completion

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RENO, NV - Take a trip to Horseman's Park in Reno and there's a chance you might see the Behl's hiking around Manzanita Canyon. Their route has a much different look now than before the Caughlin Fire.

"It just looks empty. There used to be a lot of trees, a lot of bushes and stuff, but now it's just all gone," says Liz Behl.

The Nevada Land Conservancy and the City of Reno is doing all they can do to change that. In February, a restoration project paid for by a $220,000 grant from the Truckee River Fund began. The work is expected to wrap up by the end of the week.

"All of us are excited that in some ways the work is finished and that we're also seeing the fruits of our labor," says Nevada Land Conservancy Fire Restoration Manager Lynda Nelson.

The labor of re-seeding the 35-acre area has been tasked to contractor Soil Tech who does land restorations all over the west.

The contractors compare the materials to paper mache, because it's soft when they put it down and it hardens over time. They say it could be very critical if there's a fire here in the future.

"They used two different seed mixes to create a fire break along the border of the canyon closer to the homes and the private properties so this doesn't have a lot of heavy shrubs in it that are going to be fuel for the fire," says Soil Tech Division Manager Dan Rockwell.

Now that the area is starting to become green again, the Behl's hikes will feel a little more like they did before the fire.

"I can see a little difference already. You can tell that they're actually making a difference which means a lot to the neighborhood," says Mark Behl.