Local Organization Restores Local Family's Faith in Santa

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RENO, NV -- For families with low incomes, the holidays can be especially tough. While most children want toys or games for Christmas, the only thing a local 12-year-old boy wants this year is for his sister to get a gift. Thanks to the kindness of the community, they both got their wishes.

The SAVE Protect Foundation is a local organization that is delivering Christmas trees, food and presents to families in need all across northern Nevada. They heard about the Dailey family's struggles and wanted to give them one less thing to worry about this year.

Seven-year-old Kiran Dailey has been writing letters to Santa Claus for more than a month to make sure he hasn't forgotten her this year.

"I have been doing the dishes, I have been working hard in school and I've been trying to not to get in trouble," she said.

She's aspiring to be a county singer when she grows up, but wants a guitar to get started. She was inspired by her 12-year-old brother, who has been playing for two years.

"She looks up to him a lot. She wants to do everything that he does, wants to be everywhere he is, she looks up to him; it's her big brother," said Marshana Dailey, mother.

Aiden Willie is Kiran's big brother with an even bigger heart. Unlike boys his age, he doesn't want toys or games for Christmas. With a mom, two sisters and an absentee father, he's taken the responsibility of being man of the house.

"Honestly, I just want them to be happy," he said. "They're still young and they need to be able to have all those fun things and not have to worry about much."

It's hard for his family to make ends meet, which means Christmas is going to be tough to get through this year. That's why when SAVE Protect Foundation heard their pleas, they took some stress off Santa's hands to give this family a Christmas miracle.

"A kid, 12 years old looking out for his sisters, didn't want anything. He didn't want anything, just his sister to be happy. What's more Christmas than that?" said Johnny Larkins, president of Save and Protect Foundation.

Christmas came early when the Daileys got the surprise of their lives Monday afternoon. Larkins and his team gathered donations from the community to give them a tree, food and, of course, presents.

"This is the best Christmas ever!" said Kiran when she opened her gift.

Even though Aiden didn't want anything for Christmas, SAVE Protect rewarded his big heart with a gift card to Game Stop and a remote controlled car.

To refer a family in need, you can contact Johnny Larkins at (775)-842-6059 or his wife, Lisa Larkins, at (775)-223-2877.