Keeping It Local: Soak Nail Spa & Lounge

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Reno, Nev. - Nestled inside a cozy former-home on West 2nd Street near Downtown Reno is a very modern nail spa that attracts a loyal following.

"I love it here," said Cheri Corsiglia, who's been coming to Soak since it opened about 5 years ago. "First of all, it's charming, just coming in is charming, and I would say also, because everybody's friendly."

Soak offers mani-pedi's with a twist. While you're sitting back and relaxing, you also get a cocktail. It's an idea owner Shannon Dunlap says reflected what she was already doing at other nail salons.

"I really enjoyed taking bottles of wine to my favorite pedicure spots, and it just kind of clicked," said Dunlap.

It's Rita Marschall's second time at Soak."That's fun, too! That's fun too. Anything you want to drink, it just adds to the pleasure, I think," said Marschall.

Customers here enjoy custom manicures and pedicures, and Soak's specials change all the time. May's special is "Blossoms and Butterflies."

"We have butterflies all over, floating rose petals in the water, we hand paint the mask on, and they do little designs with colored sugar," said Dunlap.

The best part - you can bring a friend. That's what brought Marschall back a second time.

"I chose it because I could come with my friend, and we can have a pedicure at the same time, and so there's just a social aspect to it that really appeals to me," said Marschall.

And cleanliness standards at Soak exceed what's required by Nevada state law.

"It's as sterile as a doctor’s or dentist’s office. We do that because we're so passionate about cleanliness," said Dunlap.

Dunlap says her business has been so successful that she’s planning to open a second Reno location in the near future. The second business would employ an additional 25 people.