ISIS Hit List Includes Navy Pilot And His Former Reno Home

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RENO, NV - A well-kept home sits on a quiet Reno street. There's little to distinguish it from the others in this neighborhood, but it's now been listed as a potential target of ISIS terrorism.

Two years ago for a period of 11 months, this house was home to a Navy pilot stationed at the TOP GUN school at the Fallon Naval Air Station.

He has since been reassigned. He and his family have moved elsewhere, but the home, its address, his name and picture have now appeared on an online hit list, attributed to the Islamic State Hacking Division and calling for him to be attacked in his home.

The home is presently unoccupied, owned by an elderly couple who live out of state. A neighbor tells us they're aware of the threat, as are Reno police, who have apparently been seen patrolling the neighborhood frequently since word of the threat surfaced.

They, the FBI and the Northern Nevada Fusion Center are monitoring the situation.

Most of the neighborhood, which we're not identifying, has reportedly been unaware of the threat.

The hit list includes 100 Navy, Air Force and Marine officers, but officials say it's unlikely the pictures or the information came from military records being hacked.

In fact, the picture of this pilot was apparently taken from his Facebook page. Terrorism experts say social media can pose a risk to people in his position.

"People who are in the military need to remember that when they make a decision to post a photograph or information on Facebook or other social media," says former counterterrorism consultant John Cohen,"that information is not only accessible to friends and family, but also accessible to criminals, terrorists and foreign intelligence operatives."