IBM Names Reno a Smarter City

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RENO, NV -- Reno will receive an IBM grant as part of the technology company's 'smarter cities challenge.' The announcement was made at Reno City Hall Wednesday.

Reno is one of only one hundred cities from around the globe to receive the grant.

The grant means Reno will receive four-hundred-thousand dollars worth of IBM assistance for a special project. In other cities, IBM said it has completed projects involving water and green energy. In Reno, city leaders said IBM will create a program that provides businesses and developers with information in way that's faster than current methods.

"Give them the information they need in a much shorter time frame we're literally talking about days that we'll be able to pull together data that isn't even currently available," Sharon Zadra, a member of the Reno City Council said. Zadra said the information currently takes weeks to compile. She added she hopes the availability of the information will be an incentive for businesses to locate in Reno.

An IBM representative said experts from the company will be in Reno in a few months to get to know the city and its residents.

Reno is one of thousands of cities that applied for the grant.