I-580 De-Icing Sensors Help Keep Drivers Safe

NDOT displays the new device used on I-580 which automatically spray anti-icer on the bridges when inclement weather hits.
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RENO, NV - The Nevada Department of Transportation has a few features embedded in the road that you probably drive over every day and may not notice, but are helping keep you safe.

As the first storm of the season hits northern Nevada, NDOT says they are ready.

"We got 32,000 tons of sand and salt ready," said Thor Dyson, NDOT District II Engineer. "We got our equipment ready, we got the mechanics ready in case our equipment breaks down. Some of it is fairly old equipment."

Some of the newer equipment NDOT has is embedded in the roads itself along four bridges of Interstate 580. Using atmospheric and road sensors, the brown discs spray de-icer.

"Typically the storm is about to begin if the temperatures are such that 32, 34 degrees, those sensors will kick in automatically," said Dyson.

NDOT says the deicing system is more efficient.

"It is more real-time instead of calling out a snowplow to be out on the bridge decks to be sanding and salting and putting a lot more chemical down," said Dyson.

And the ultimate goal is to keep you safe.

"There is data both nationally and also in Europe that these discs spraying this anti-icing liquid have proven to reduce accidents, have proven to address highway conditions with snow and ice with at a very early and efficient manner," said Dyson.

NDOT says it is prepared to spend $200,000 to $300,000 in overtime this winter to make sure the roads are safe and clear.