Hundreds Rally at Occupy Reno Demonstration

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Reno, NV - We've seen how people in cities across the U.S. are staging demonstrations to speak out against corporate greed and the high unemployment rate. Now, people in Northern Nevada are hitting the streets.

Demonstrators gathered at the Joe Crowley Student Union at UNR on Saturday for Occupy Reno. They marched down South Virginia street, gathering more protestors on the way. They finally ended up at Reno City Hall where they stood holding signs and shouting to automobiles passing by.
They know people all over the U.S. are staging these events to speak out in droves. Many blast the current administration for not doing enough to help out Americans in these tough financial times. They say they're not surprised so many people are rallying on the streets.

"It's because our message is all the same and it's basically, we're tired of the corporate greed and corruption that plagues our country and it's hurting out middle class and it's creating that separation and is going to hurt our young," says Jared Dalen, a Reno resident who was demonstrating in front of City Hall.