Hidden Casino Safe Exposes Another Mystery

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South Lake Tahoe, NV - There's a mystery in South Lake Tahoe, surrounding a safe that's just been uncovered.

It was revealed about a week-and-a-half ago, inside the walls of what used to be Bill's Casino. But this discovery is attached to another mystery involving murder that's intrigued the town for years.

There always seems to be a new and exciting entertainment act at the casinos in South Lake Tahoe. But this week, the main attraction revolves around a discovery and at an old casino that's being ripped apart and remodeled.

"So we got all the way up to the second floor before we discovered this," says Michael Laub, who owns the property.

Construction workers uncovered a three-foot-tall safe when they ripped down the walls. No one even knew it existed. Sound mysterious? It gets better.

The building used to be owned by a man who was killed in a car bombing in the 1960's. His murder was never solved.

"A lot of people are wondering if there's a connection between Mr. Chartrand who was killed in his car," says Laub.

In the past 11 days, two locksmiths and a safe cracker have tried to open the safe. They've all failed. Tourists have some idea of what could be inside.

"Gold bricks. Bricks of gold. That's possible. And possibly some important papers," guesses Pat Baumgartner, who was visiting from Wisconsin.

"It's the casinos, it's Nevada. Is it mob related? It could be," says Syndi Dyer, who is visiting from California.

Property owner Michael Laub isn't taking any guesses. He just can't wait for the safe to be cracked open so the mystery can be solved and he can get back to business. He says he's expecting a CVS, a restaurant, and retail stores to move in and he says all of this speculation about the safe is a distraction.

Laub says people who work with the Oprah Winfrey network have called him and they want to send a crew over to do a special on this safe. They also want to try to get another safe cracker to give it another shot this week.