Getting Winter-Travel Ready

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RENO, NV - This week’s storm coincides with the busiest travel day of the year, which means more people will be on the road in travel conditions they are not used to. Traveling in a storm requires more preparation than just jumping in your car. It is a good idea to have supplies and survival gear in your car that will be useful should you get stranded.

Most obviously, if drivers do not have 4-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, they should carry tire chains.

"The number one key to all the chains, I don't care what brand you buy, please test-fit them at home," said Brett Shore, Manager of the S. Virginia Street Les Schwab Tire Center. "The biggest thing is getting them tight. You don't want any looseness on that chain when it is installed."

Inside their car, drivers should carry survival supplies and tools they can use in case of accident. These are important even if traveling a small distance in wintry conditions.

"Even though the distance may be small, you want to make sure you have all these things ready for you just in case something happens," said Paul Penttila with Boy Scouts of America.

Every person in the car should have an extra set of warm clothes including snow pants, a jacket, gloves, a hat, and a scarf.

"In a winter storm especially with ice on the road, anything can happen and it is best for everyone to be prepared because you need to have all these supplies on hand," said Penttila.

In the harsh conditions forecast this week, drivers have a greater chance at crashing. Traffic cones, reflectors, and road flares should be carried in vehicles in case of emergency. A shovel, sand, kitty litter, and road salt will help give a car additional traction should it get stuck in the snow.