Free Swimming at Traner Pool

RENO, NV - He's scared at first but soon Anthony Peterman jumps off the side into his swim instructor's arms.

That's a big step for Anthony.

The seven year old is taking swimming lessons for the first time at Traner Pool.

His father says its tough to get him out of the water after forty minutes.

“Um doing the jelly float, and most of swimming I like it,” says Anthony.

But swimming lessons like this for Anthony and the other kids in the class probably wouldn't have been possible this summer without some outside help.

A couple of months ago the Traner Foundation approached Reno's Parks and Recreation and asked if there was anything it could do to get more kids in this neighborhood swimming lessons.

“What it does its pays directly for the staff the direct costs associated with the program,” says recreation supervisor Joe Wilson.

”My youngest does not know how to swim very well. And its very important for me, for him so he doesn't drown,” Jessenia Cortes, a mom siting pool side.

His brother Matthew is more advanced and learning how to dive.

Soon Carlos hopes to be there too.

“I want to be with my brother and have fun in the water,” says Carl

A wall at the pool is decorated by children who learned how to swim just two weeks ago.

This last and final class will soon put their palm prints on the wall next week in honor of those who lent them a hand.

In all the Traner Foundation donated $4,000 to make the free swimming lessons happen.

If a child passes the class or has perfect attendance, he or she receives a free pass to Wild Island.