KFC Back Open After FBI Investigation into Damage

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RENO, NV - A Reno restaurant was firebombed Monday morning and now the FBI is investigating the attack. When workers arrived at the KFC at the corner of Oddie Boulevard and Silverada Monday morning, they found a window had been broken out and Molotov cocktail had been thrown inside.

There was not a lot of damage, but the FBI is investigating because of who is believed to have committed the attack. Scrawled across the drive-through menu are the letters ALF. It's not a reference to the lovable sitcom star from the 80's, but an extremist animal rights group called the Animal Liberation Front.

The Animal Liberation Front has been critical of KFC for years. The ALF website accuses the company of animal cruelty violations, and in the past its members have taken credit for burning locations down.

The investigation is still in its early stages and the FBI is not confirming that the ALF is involved, but the fact that the feds are investigating what would otherwise be a vandalism and arson case is a good indicator that something serious happened here.

The FBI tells us a large rock was tossed through the drive-through window. Then, employees say, a glass bottle filled with gasoline was thrown inside, damaging only a few cardboard boxes and leaving a smoldering mess, according to the Reno Fire Department.

The FBI is taking the investigation very seriously, dawning Tyvek suits to protect any evidence and carefully documenting all of that evidence. While our crews were on scene they took pictures of a lighter found just outside the drive-through window. A broken piece of a bottle was found right in the same area.

The KFC was closed all day Monday, but reopened Tuesday.