Exit To Nowhere: Psychic Joins Missing Persons Case

Psychic Elaina Proffitt with Humboldt Co. Undersheriff Curtiss Kull at Exit 205
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RENO, NV - When investigations stall, good detectives are open to calling on unusual resources.

Humboldt County investigators working on a mysterious missing persons case are now getting input from a psychic and are surprised at the results.

Seven months after 86 year old Patrick Carnes of Reno disappeared while traveling across northern Nevada on Interstate 80, investigators still have no solid leads.

His car was found abandoned April 14 at a little used freeway exit east of Winnemucca. A search of the surrounding countryside and, in fact, the length of the I-80 corridor from Wells to Winnemucca have failed to turn up any sign of Carnes or his constant companion, his dog Lucky.

We contacted psychic Elaina Proffitt, a former Reno resident and a veteran of a number of high profile criminal cases, and asked if she would get involved.

She said yes and twice in recent weeks met with authorities, even journeying to Humboldt County and Exit 205 where the car was found.

The result: they were surprised, but encouraged that she confirmed many of their hypotheses and she left them with some additional avenues to consider.

She also reached a stunning conclusion which casts a disturbing light on the disappearance of Patrick Carnes and, perhaps, others.

Part two of "Exit to Nowhere" airs tonight on KOLO 8 News Now at 5.

Psychic Elaina Proffitt, veteran of high profile cases, now working on the Patrick Carnes disappearance.
Psychic Elaina Proffitt with Humboldt County Undersheriff Curtiss Kull at Exit 205
Exit 205 (Pumpernickel Valley) I-80 East of Winnemucca