Early Voting Problems

SUN VALLEY, Nev. - The Washoe County Registrar of Voters reports more than 9,600 people came out for the first day of early voting on Saturday, but the process wasn't without problems.

Voters at the Sun Valley Neighborhood Center were forced to wait hours to cast their ballots. For most of the day, only three machines were available, resulting in long lines of people.

"I've never waited in line, ever," Debbie Shade, a long-term resident of Sun Valley said.

Multiple complaints to the Registrar of Voters Office resulted in two more machines becoming available. Luanne Cutler, Administrative Assistant for the Washoe County Registrar of Voters said they did send fewer machines to the location for two reasons.

One reason being the space available to them only fit three machines, and the second reason is they based the number of past voter participation.

But some voters aren't buying that excuse.

"They had plenty of time, months if not years to prepare for this, and they knew there would be a large turnout," Michael, a Sun valley Resident said. Michael declined to give his last name.

Others say the number of machines felt like sabotage.

"It's discouraging voters," Joanne Peden, a Reno resident said. " I have heard about having fewer resources in low income places where people are more likely to vote Democrat."

Peden was in Sun Valley for the PLAN rally earlier in the morning.

"A voter is a voter and every voter has one vote," Cutler said. "We don't care about income or situation. We just want everyone to be able to cast their vote."

But long lines may not have been the only problem.

"I even heard, and this is hearsay, that they were asking some people for IDs," Tim Shade, a Sun Valley resident said.

Cutler acknowledged the rumor and says they are looking into the claim, but there may be a simple answer.

"Only if a voter's signature doesn't match what we have in the computer will we ask for ID, and that should be the only time," she said.

Cutler says they've sent more machines to the polling location and rearranged the area, which should speed things up.

Early voting ends November 2. For more information on times and polling locations, follow the link below.