Drought Forces Closure of Board Shop

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SPARKS, Nev.--A snowboarding business is falling victim to dry weather. After 21 years, Eternal Board Shop in Sparks announced Friday; they're going out of business because of the drought.

It used to be pretty popular spot. One of the few locally owned places to get outfitted for winter.

"The small snow and skateboard shop is maybe a things of the past, maybe a dying breed," said Mike Dunn, Owner of Eternal Board Shop. "It's just the lack of snow, mostly on the whole west coast is the biggest reason this year."

Four winters in a row, there hasn't been a lot of snow. this company has suffered the entire time. It closed its Spanish Springs and Plumb Lane shops a few years ago. The Sparks location held on for a little too long.

"You keep hoping for the next year to be better, but unfortunately it hasn't been," said Kyle Bihler, an employee at the shop.

Eternal operates an online store in addition to their Sparks location. They say they traditionally got a lot of business online, but even that could not keep them afloat after the drought hit because business on the entire west coast went down.

"Honestly, I am pretty bummed out. It's like the last real skate or snowboard shop that is here in Reno," said Kagen Kimes, a store regular.

With this shop, Reno Mountain Sports, and Porters all going out of business in the last year and a half, it begs the question: Are we seeing an end to the locally owned ski and board shop?

"I hope not, I hope some other people can make it through this, it is tough for us. I know it is tough for other smaller shops," said Bihler.

This is the first shop we know of locally that is attributing their demise directly to the drought, but if next winter is not better, it likely won't be the last.

All of Eternal Board Shop's merchandise is marked down 50 to 70 percent. They say they'll be open until everything sells out.