Dogs Learn to Avoid Rattlesnakes

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RENO, NV - They might be headed for your yard, and pets often don't know better than to approach them - rattlesnakes are expected to be headed to cooler, damp areas during the hot summer months.

"(Dogs) are very curious they go right up to it most of the time when dogs get bit they get bit in the face or paw," John Potash said.

Potash trains dogs to avoid snakes. The training involves bringing a dog near a diamondback, with it's venom glands surgically severed. The dogs wear a collar that gives them a shock when they get close to the snake.

"They will typically learn within one or two corrections," Potash said.

The Nevada Department of Wildlife said rattlesnakes could be out in big numbers. Spokesperson Chris Healy said several wet winters have helped increase the rodent and snake populations. He added the recent dry conditions could mean snakes will go into yards, looking for damper conditions.

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