Dog-Walking App Raises Money for Local Shelters

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RENO, NV - If you're an animal lover and are looking for an easy way to give back to local shelters, well now there's an app for that. It's called WoofTrax, and the way it works is, every time you take your dog for a walk the app uses GPS to track how far you've traveled. WoofTrax will then make a donation to the shelter of your choice. So the more you walk, the more local shelters will benefit.

Kimberly Wade, Senior Manager of Communications for Nevada Humane Society, says it costs about $240 per animal for basic care and that last year more than 15,000 cats and dogs came through their doors.

"When it comes to fundraisers like this, it's easy, anybody can do it, it is year-round. The financial impact is going to happen on a regular basis and that is what is really needed to sustain the animals' care here at Nevada Humane Society," she says.

Nevada Humane Society is not the only organization benefiting from WoofTrax. There are more than a dozen shelters in northern Nevada that are listed, including: The Canine Rehabilitation Center and Sanctuary, Pet Network, and the Shakespeare Animal Fund. To search for a shelter just select your state and then you can look up the organization by name, city or zip code.

The app also provides motivation for volunteers with these organizations to get out with their dogs more.

Overall, this app promotes healthy interaction between people and pets, especially for our volunteers that are walking our dogs on a regular basis. They are helping those homeless dogs get out and be seen in the community, that's huge," says Wade.

WoofTrax works year-round and since its inception more than 800,000 miles have been walked to help animals nationwide.