Carson Sheriff's Office releases possible name of body found in shallow grave

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CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO) - Carson sheriff's detectives continue to investigate a suspicious death after the discovery of a body in a sleeping bag found in a shallow grave on Lone Mountain and Roop Street Tuesday, March 17, 2015.

FBI Approximation Services provided photos of what the unidentified woman may have looked like, and those pictures, as well as other photos from the scene, are attached to this story. When the pictures were released to the media, two people came forward with information that investigators hope will lead to more.

The witnesses say part of the woman's name or nickname may have been Montana, and her first name may have been Julie. One person who came forward says she may have seen the woman getting prescription medications at CVS Pharmacy on Carson Street and Winnie Lane in Carson City. Another witness provided information that "Montana" may have been from Florida or Montana.

Sheriff Ken Furlong says the investigation began when a hiker found a partially buried foot and a shoe on the Lone Mountain hillside, east of Roop Street just north of the cemetery. Search and rescue crews searched the area, looking for evidence.

The area where the discovery took place is not associated with the cemetery, but is heavily traveled by the homeless population and hikers. according to Furlong.

An autopsy showed the body is that of a woman with reddish/blond hair, between 4' 6" and 5' 3". She was wearing an adult diaper, white Asics size 7 shoes with purple lines and size 8 rings. Aristar glasses
bifocals with 135mm inscription were found in her pocket, and she had partial top dentures.

The autopsy indicates she was white and between the ages of 42 and 71. It's estimated she was in the ground anywhere between one month and a year. DNA recovered from the scene was entered into a national database.

Anyone with information about who was or how she died is asked to contact Detective Acosta at 775-283-7855 or, or 775-887-2008.

Photo courtesy KOLO viewer Ron Brotherton