College Kick Start Program Underway

RENO, NV - The class of 2026 at Anderson Elementary School got a visit Tuesday from, among other dignitaries, State Treasurer Kate Marshall and Washoe County Superintendent Pedro Martinez.

They had a question for them as their parents looked on.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
”I'd like to be a police, I mean a teacher,” says 5-year-old Eric Garcia.

“Which one?” we ask.

“A teacher.” he says.

Eric says he knows that would require a college education, and that he would be the first to earn such a degree in his family.

Such dreams are not out of reach, especially with Nevada's College Kick Start Program.

“We open a college savings account for every kindergarten child in public school in Nevada. And we put $50 in. Maybe that doesn't seem like a lot. But that money earns interest, last year 12%. As low as $15 dollars to open an account costs as little as $15 and they can add to the college savings account. Price of a pizza, one Friday night's pizza,” says State Treasurer Kate Marshall.

About 35,000 kindergarteners throughout the state will have their accounts opened in the first year.

Marshall says such accounts hope to inspire a college-going culture in our state with more college graduates to follow.