City of Reno Introduces Pesticide-Free Parks Program

RENO, NV - The Reno City Council has approved a Pesticide-Free Parks program for 12 Reno parks. The two-year pilot program was the result of community concern about pesticide use, and the Neighborhood Advisory Boards were utilized to choose ten of the 12 designated parks.

City staff identified two downtown parks, then worked with the five City of Reno advisory boards to select two parks within each ward. The Recreation and Parks Commission recommended that Council approve the program.

“This is a major win for the city in regards to our priority of providing and maintaining safe and healthy neighborhoods,” Ward 2 Reno City Councilmember Naomi Duerr says. “Community input will continue to drive the important decisions we make.”

The following pesticide-free City of Reno parks will be identified by signage on site:

• Downtown: Barbara Bennett Park and Wingfield Park
• Ward 1: Canyon Creek Park and Plumas Park
• Ward 2: Virginia Lake Park and Crystal Lake Park
• Ward 3: Pat Baker Park and Wilkinson Park
• Ward 4: Raleigh Heights Park and Silver Lake Park
• Ward 5: Lake Park and Whitaker Park

A PDF map of the 12 parks is attached to this story. A Google map is also linked.

City staff will discontinue the routine use of herbicides for general weed control in these 12 parks. Alternative strategies could include use of organic or non-registered products, weed burning, and other manual weed-control efforts.

Parks staff attended a training session sponsored by Beyond Pesticides, a national nonprofit organization promoting alternatives to pesticide use. This training program was targeted toward turf maintenance through organic methods.

View the linked staff report for more information about the variety of methods used by the City of Reno to control weeds in parks and landscaped rights-of-way.