Timeline Reveals Elderly Couple Killed Three Days Before Bodies Found

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FERNLEY, NV - Formal charges were filed against Jeremiah Bean Thursday. He faces 19 counts of open murder, arson and burglary. He will be in court for another hearing Tuesday morning in connection with a string of killings over the last week.

The victims are 84-year-old Robert and Dorothy Pape, killed Friday night in their home, plus 67-year-old Angie Duff and 69-year-old Lester Leiber, killed in a nearby home.

52-year-old Eliazar Graham was found dead along a road off Interstate 80 in the Mustang area east of Sparks.

A KOLO 8 News Now investigation into the case against Bean indicates the Papes were killed the night of Friday, May 10th. The bodies weren't found until Monday morning, the 13th.

KOLO 8 News Now has learned the actual timeline indicates Bean broke into Angie Duff's house and shot and stabbed her and her boyfriend, Lester Lieber, Monday morning, and stole Duff's gun.

He's then accused of taking the Papes' truck to Mustang, where he shot Eliazar Graham, then drove back to the Pape's house, which he set on fire before hiding in a neighbor's house before being arrested that same Monday. It was that fire that got emergency crews to the scene, where they found the bodies of the Papes and then of the other couple at a house around the corner.