Caretaker's Ex: Gambling Habit May Have Led to Theft

Sherry Crawford, charged in elder theft
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RENO, NV - The former boyfriend of a caretaker accused of stealing more than $100,000 from a 90 year old Sun Valley man says her gambling habit may have triggered the theft.

Investigators say 45 year old Sherry Crawford stole $119,000 from Onesty while acting as his caretaker for two years.

Her former boyfriend, Don Crawford, told KOLO 8 News Now Friday she journeyed to see him in Tennessee after leaving Reno.

Crawford, who says the two aren't married, but share a daughter, said she admitted the theft to him. He told us he and rejected her when she told him what she had done.

"I told her she couldn't be with me, if she'd done such a thing," said Crawford, who says he is now with a Christian life recovery group.

Leaving Tennessee, she apparently went to family in Springfield, Missouri. She was arrested there this week and has now apparently waived extradition. She's expected to be brought back to Reno later this month.

Don Crawford told us he's been struggling with what his former girlfriend told him, but is willing to testify against her if needed.

"I think the Lord is telling me to do the right thing."