Campaign Ad Pulled from Air

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RENO, NV - KOLO pulled a political ad from the air over the weekend, citing an unsubstantiated claim.

The ad, which is roughly thirty seconds long, states: "(Congressional Candidate Kate) Marshall even supported a five-hundred-million dollar tax increase that would strangle the state's businesses."

James Hallinan, Marshall's director of communications, said the claim is "false." The ad cites a meeting of Nevada's Employment Security Council last year. But Hallinan said during the meeting Marshall did not lobby for increasing taxes on businesses. "Her ideas actually were to help them to prevent raising fees on businesses," he said.

KOLO General Manger Matt Eldredge said the ad was pulled because the National Republican Congressional Committee, which is responsible for the ad's content, did not have enough substantiation for the claim. KOLO is the second Reno television station to stop playing the ad. Eldredge said that the fact another channel stopped airing the ad did not factor into the decision to pull it from KOLO. He said the decision was made in consultation with legal counsel and independently.

The National Republican Congressional Committee issued the following statement: "The fact remains, that during Kate Marshall's tenure as Nevada treasurer, the economy suffered the largest increase in unemployment and home foreclosure rates in the nation."

Marshall and Republican Mark Amodei are running for the seat left open by Dean Heller's move to the Senate.