Brothel Owner Offers Relief From Student Debt

MOUND HOUSE, NV - A word of warning: you may not want your children to read this story.

There is no question student debt is out of control. Graduates often start out their careers with tens of thousands of dollars in loans. The owner of the Bunny Ranch Brothel says he has an idea. Some graduate students, however, may find the price of the offer not worth the cost.

At UNR, students graduate with about $22,000 dollars in student loan debt. It's a problem not just on this campus, but all across the country.

“We have a 1.2-trillion-dollar debt in America. They are ripping off the children of America with these high-interest loans,” says Dennis Hof, Bunny Ranch owner.

Hof says he noticed the student loan drama play out at the Bunny Ranch. Educated women who were tens of thousands of dollars in debt, with no way to pay them off quickly.

By the end of the summer he decided to make it official. Money earned by any woman who goes to work for him--for approximately 60 days--which goes toward a student loan will be matched by Hof himself.

“He's the most generous, the most thoughtful, he's just awesome,” says Caressa, a working girl at the ranch, who responded to Hof’s offer.

Caressa says she knows what it’s like to have student debt to the tune of $42,000. A surgery tech graduate, she says she made decent money. But soon her hours were cut. That's when she decided to come back to the Bunny Ranch.

“It took me about 6 weeks and I just knocked them out. I had nine loans,” says Caressa.

Hof says women who take him up on his offer don't have to stay once the loans are paid off. But he says some of those women may choose to continue working at the Bunny Ranch, because after all there are home loans, and even retirement to think about.

Hof says many women can make up to $20,000 in one month at The Bunny Ranch. But keep in mind that really adds up to $40,000 as women split their earnings 50-50 with the house.