Beer Growler Business Opens Thursday

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RENO, NV - It has become clear that Reno likes its craft beer. There are at least 17 breweries in the northern Nevada area. Starting Thursday, there is a place to try them all, and take them all home.

"Everything is going to be a craft brew, and we really want to fill it up with the local breweries," said Bret Schaeffer, co-owner of SixFour Growlers

SixFour Growlers is a new 'growler-fill station.' They take local craft beer and package it so patrons can take it home.

"We'll have the 30 beers and they will always be rotating, as soon as something comes off a new one will come on," said Schaeffer.

Most local breweries offer growlers, but here they offer growlers from most local breweries. They're the first 'stand alone' growler station in town.

"That's the goal here, to get all the breweries' beer here, at least one or two taps from each brewery here and a one-stop-shop for somebody who wants to come to get local brews," said Richard Taylor, co-owner of SixFour Growlers.

Beer drinkers who have ever had a growler filled know they can be hard to finish. That is why SixFour Growlers offers 32-ounce growlers, which is equal to two beers. At half the size of a 64-ounce growler, they are much easier to finish.

"If you are going to go to a party or a picnic at the lake? 64 ounces would be great," said Schaeffer.

Owners think they'll fill a niche that is currently empty. The beers they're serving are ones that can't be found in a normal grocery store. They are only available on tap.

"Everyone is excited around here, and so I am quite happy with how things are moving forward," said Taylor.

The business has its own specially branded growlers, but if patrons already have one at home, SixFour will fill it. The only stipulation is that it was a government alcohol warning on it.

SixFour Growlers opens Thursday, April 23, 2015. It's located in the Moneytree complex at 555 South Virginia, right next to Great Full Gardens.

As part of Reno Craft Beer Week, SixFour is partnering with Batch Cupcakes to hold a beer and cupcake pairing on Friday. More information can be found in the sidebar on the right.